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Archives for: June 2006

Summertime - with the girls watching the boys of summer

Summer has began, the calendar my say June 21 is the first day of summer. but for me it started yesterday, June 25th. On a Monday afternoon in the Fenway Park bleachers with the whole family. The temps were in the 80's.
We were in the last row of Section 36 - the dead center field view is glorious. These are the original Monster seats! Rain clouds came and went, but it dared not rain. What a game! Sox went up 6 - 0 and then lost the lead with Papplebon on the mound in the eighth or was it the seventh. We went to extra innings. The Phillies moved ahead 7 to 6 in the top of the 12th, but BIG PAPPI cam through in the bottom of the 12th. So with 8 to 7 to make if NINE in a row and Mets coming to town tomorrow.


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